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After you place your orders, having the ability to mark them as ordered will help keep you organized. Spot N Paste will add a seller note to the orders on eBay so that you don’t double place any orders.

Since the making of this tutorial video we have not added the ability to customize your note before applying it.

Click the edit button next to the Add note “Ordered” Button.

You can edit what you would prefer to have added in the notes section. Giving you the ability to add the order number from your supplier or any other notes you would prefer to have.

In the latest update: An undo option is available. A 10 seconds Undo button will appear after you click add to note button, just in case you need to make some changes, decided not to add notes, or clicked the button too early, you will have the chance to undo, edit, or delete it.

Please refer to the image below.

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