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Signing into Spot N Paste

Once you have installed the Spot N Paste extension you may then open the extension, we recommend pinning it to your task bar for quick access. When you open the extension you will see the main screen (Image above) you will log in with your username and password that you selected during your account creation. 


TABLE OF CONTENTS What is manual install? We are now offering for experienced user to manually install Spot N Paste. Manual install is where you will turn your browser into a developer browser and manually install Spot N Paste Please note, we will offer support on our software, but we will not be offering support […]

Logging into Spot N Paste

How to Log In After you install Spot N Paste, you will need to log in. You can log by clicking on the extension icon and entering in your account credentials. These credentials are the ones you set up when you first signed up with Spot N Paste, they will also be the same for […]