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Sync Your Store

After you have programmed your suppliers if you would want to save these in order to not have them reset after you do a Reset

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Linking Sku Grid

When you link your sku grid account, this allows you to open your items faster without needing to find them. UPDATE: The way you link

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Add Ordered Note

After you place your orders, having the ability to mark them as ordered will help keep you organized. Spot N Paste will add a seller

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Mark items ordered

Video instructions on how to mark orders as ordered. Add a seller note stating that you have ordered the item.

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Spot N Center

It’s here!! We know you are seeing numerous updates to the extension with new features that have not been announced or discussed! That’s because we

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AutoDS enables you to add to cart Amazon items. Note that this will only work for 1 item at a time.  Click the copy button

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