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Copying Product Description and Images

We know how tedious product listing is especially for those who have multiple products in their shop. An added feature to your Spot N List extension helps you copy product description and images in just one simple click.

Step 1 – go to your supplier website and find your desired product.

Step 2 – click your Spot N List extension and  click the Configure + Supplier name on the extension pop-up.

Step 3 – On the pop-up option choose image change event choose “click” on the option.

Step 4 – Then click the select button found at the bottom of the pop-up.

Click the product images and a preview box will pop-up on the screen, click exit and reload the webpage.

Step 5 – After reloading, a “copy” button will appear on the upper left side part of your screen, with the Spot N List logo. Click copy. When the product is copied the button will indicate copied.

Step 6 – Check the copied item, by clicking the Spot N List extension. You should see your copied product on the list.

You can repeat this process to other supported websites, to help you get the product information a lot faster.

You’re done! You can go ahead and start creating your listing on your shop.

Here’s the video step by step guide:

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