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Editing Your Items

To edit your current items go to Manage Listings within your Spot N Center dashboard.

Under the column Actions you can click on the edit icon to edit your item links.

Editing your items in Spot N Center will not edit your listing on the marketplace. We are not a lister. This is only for you to keep the information on where your item is located and the price of the item for reference when you need it.

Editing Fields

Explanation of fields

  • Reference ID – This is the item ID that is within your Selling Marketplace for that item. Not to be confused with the item ID of your supplier.
  • Marketplace – This is your selling Marketplace so you can filter the columns and see where all of your items are listed.
  • Supplier Name – Name of the supplier
  • Supplier Link – Link of the item from your supplier.
    • When you enter the link and click off the field, the next fields will auto generate if the supplier is a supported supplier.
    • If they do not generate, you can enter the information on your own. Feel free to reach out to us to add your supplier for auto generation.

Click save to save the information for a faster item retrieval.

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