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How to check your Spot N Paste version


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Article: How to check your version

To check your current version you will first need to make sure you have Spot N Paste installed and turned running on your browser.

Click on that icon>manage extensions there you will see how to make sure it is running, under this icon you will also be able to pin it to your favorites bar.



You will then open the extension and log into your account, you will use the same username and password you set up when you signed up on our website at Your account information will be the same for all of your usage across our platforms.



Now that your logged into you will see our main screen(note: this is a image of our FULL version of Spot N Paste), click the i(info) button at the top and you will see your version of Spot N Paste at the bottom.



Video: How to check your current version


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