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How to Create Listing Templates using Spot N List

We know that creating a listing with Spot N List is easier than doing it manually. If you want your listings to be more organized and consistent then you might want to know how to create a listing template that you can apply to your eCommerce store.

First, you need to open your Spot n List extension and click the gear icon on the upper right hand corner of the pop-up. Then click templates and then choose add templates.

Start Creating your template by adding the template name ( this is not visible in the listing), this is only visible to you. Then proceed to creating your template.

When creating a listing template with Spot n List, it is necessary that you write it in this format:




Then click create button to save this template.

When you go back to the templates tab, you should see the template name on the list. If you want to use the template, just select the template name and check the use template box.

You will then see that the listing image and description saved on your Spot n List extension have the template you just created.

You can proceed by adding the listing to your eCommerce shop/store. Please refer to the video demo for more details:

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