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How to set up email forwarding with gmail

In order for our tracking to work you will either need to forward your emails from your main email or even better simply use your newly created email in your orders, to learn how to create your tracking email see this article: Tracking upload article.

If you choose to continue to use your current email you will want to log into your @gmail or other email account and set up email forwarding to your email.

If using gmail follow these instructions: Log into your gmail account, click on the gear icon >see all settings >forwarding and pop.

You then will click on add a forwarding email, make sure you have created your email before proceeding on the next step then add your email in the field.

Then click next.

A pop-up will appear, just click proceed.

A confirmation code has been sent to your your email, enter the 9 digit code in the box to verify permission.

Click verify button and you’re all set!

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