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Overview of Spot N List and How to Install


What is Spot N List

Spot N List is a chrome extension that list items on your marketplace, it is NOT a re-pricer you will need to be aware of any price changes on your own. Currently, it is only supported on Facebook but we will be adding more soon! Spot N List will help you list items much quicker on your marketplace generally you can have an item or multiple items listed in a matter of seconds. You can copy multiple items from your supplier, then toggle over to your marketplace and list them.

How to install Spot N List

Ready to save time and list items in seconds? Lets get started!

To install Spot N List you will have to register a subscription here: then go to the chrome web store download Spot N List and install the extension. It is very helpful if you also pin it to your favorites bar for quicker access.

How to list an item using Spot N List

Now that you have installed the extension your ready to list an item! Make sure the extension is on and navigate to your supplier you will notice above the items image there is our copy button. Simply click it and presto! The item is now copied to the lister.

Our lister will allow you to copy multiple items if you would like to, that way when you toggle over to your marketplace and you can list them much faster! Open your marketplace and start a new listing then open our lister and press the paste button, and BOOOOM!! You just listed an item! You will need to click the category your items falls under to ensure accurate listings and change the price to what you would like to sell it for. (We will be adding automatic pricing features in the near future).Then list your item!

Repeat as many times as items you would like to list!

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