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Set up Cashback on eBay

Cashback feature on eBay work with Spot N Center. To Link Spot N Center with Spot N Paste you can view the article. After linking the Spot n Center with Spot n Paste cashback button will be visible on eBay dashboard with every list item. But the button will not work if the item id is not saved at Spot N Center, here are few instructions to make it work.

  • The URL of product to be opened in new tab through cashback site is loaded from the Spot N Center. 
  •  Under the hood eBay item id is been sent on the Spot N Center to fetch the product URL, you can check the eBay id of the item below the order name enclosed in small brackets in order details column.
  • Once the URL is fetched from Spot N Center, supplier name is checked from URL and loaded in new tab through the cashback site.

How to make it work

  • Copy the eBay item id
  • Open Spot N Center in new tab and login with your Spot N Paste credentials
  • Once logged-in, in the manage listing tab click Add button
  • In the Add form, paste the copied eBay item id in item id field and product URL in supplier link field also mention the supplier name and marketplace and save the changes.
  • Return to the eBay and hit cashback button, now the product URL will be opened in the new tab with cashback site. VOILA !

Cannot add items one by one ?

  • If you find adding items one by one time taking then you can use the Bulk adding feature by which you can upload a CSV file with item ID’s, product url, name of market place and supplier name to Spot N Center.

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