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We know you are seeing numerous updates to the extension with new features that have not been announced or discussed! That’s because we have been gearing up to release our newest addition to the Spot N Paste platform! Spot N Center!

This new feature will allow you to keep track of your items, where you have them listed, and where you purchase them. The best apart of this is that we will also add the ability to use cashback sites!!

To get Spot N Center set up, please see the documentation here to do that and then come back to learn how to use Spot N Paste with it.

Using Spot N Center with Spot N Paste

To begin using Spot N Paste you will need to link your Spot N Center API. This will then show you the item retrieval buttons on your selling marketplace dashboards and the cashback buttons.

You will enter the API key that is on the API page of Spot N Center and enter it into the Integrations tab that is in Spot N Paste settings.

If you are on your orders page when you enter the API key, make sure after you connect that you refresh the page so that the cashback and item retrieval buttons appear.

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