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Logging into Spot N Center

Now that Spot N Track extension is installed its time to start tracking those orders! SnT works by linking into your Spot N Center account here Spot N Center your login information should be the same across all of our platforms.

This means if you use Spot N Paste or our LITE version etc. unless you have changed or updated your username and password they will work for all logins.

Once logged in your Spot N Center account on your main screen you will click on SnP Mail Services.

How to create your tracking email

You now will now create you tracking email that you may choose to either use as your direct email for tracking or forward all emails to it from the one your currently using.

NOTE: If you choose to use email forwarding all your emails will be forwarded into your Spot N Center email queue which could make it more difficult to find your order emails when it comes time to program Spot N Center to scrap those tracking orders. We recommend moving forward with using your email however this is not necessary. 

To create your email, click create a Spot N Track email account and pick a name and password(we recommend using your same password as your other accounts). Keep in mind this is where you will have all of your orders tracking sent to so you can then program Spot N Center to scan them and upload the tracking to your marketplace via the Spot N Track extension.

To learn how to set up email forwarding with a Gmail account click here:

Congratulations you now have a tracking email! We will next learn how to program Spot N Center to scan your orders so they can upload the tracking information to your marketplace.

Program Spot N Center to scan your incoming orders

You are now ready to start receiving order emails! You will have to wait on this step until one of your items has sold or you can forward any current orders to your new email. We will now go through the process of programming your Spot N Center account to scan specific items so it will become automatic for future orders.


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