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Copying Product Details and Listing them in 1 Click

Spot n List – the ultimate time-saving tool for copy-pasting product details effortlessly! With our user-friendly Spot-n-list extension, you can easily copy product details from various sites and paste them with just one click.


As of version 2.1.12 of Spot N Paste, the cashback feature is also available on the AutoDS platform without the need for Spot N Center. You can see our help doc on that here. AutoDS Integration DSMTool Integration In order to use the cashback feature, you will need to set up Spot N Center. Please […]

Supplier Sync

After you have programmed your suppliers if you would like to save these in order to not have them reset after you do a Reset Store Data you can do that. This works with your Spot N Center account. In the event that your supplier changes, you can delete what you have saved, reprogram, and […]

Spot N Center

It’s here!! We know you are seeing numerous updates to the extension with new features that have not been announced or discussed! That’s because we have been gearing up to release our newest addition to the Spot N Paste platform! Spot N Center! This new feature will allow you to keep track of your items, […]

Welcome to Spot N Center

Spot N Center is a central location where you can keep track of all your items, which marketplace they are being sold at, and which supplier they are coming from. When you link Spot N Center to Spot N Paste, you can then use it to retrieve your items faster and also use cashback sites […]