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Turn On Hot Keys

Due to changes with Google permissions, our hot keys functions have changed Copy this link chrome://extensions/shortcuts and place it in your google browser. Find Spot N Paste in the list and enter in the preferred keys that you would like set as your hot keys.

How to check your Spot N Paste version

TABLE OF CONTENTS Article: How to check your version Video: How to check your current version Please note that the current version may not match the version shown in these articles.   Article: How to check your version To check your current version you will first need to make sure you have Spot N Paste […]

How to Program Your Supplier (video)

This video covers how you can program your supplier to the extension when its not one that is supported. For those who prefer to read than watch videos here is the breakdown of how to do it: Copy the address into Spot N Paste. Go to your suppliers checkout page where you need to enter […]