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How Spot N Track Works

Here we will discuss about spot-n-track and how you can scan the tracking from your email and then apply the tracking number on your eBay order or view your tracking number on any of your order dashboard. First, it is necessary to auto-forward your order email to your spot n track email account, once you […]

How to set up email forwarding with gmail

In order for our tracking to work you will either need to forward your emails from your main email or even better simply use your newly created email in your orders, to learn how to create your tracking email see this article: Tracking upload article. If you choose to continue to use your current email you […]

Welcome to Spot N Center

Spot N Center is a central location where you can keep track of all your items, which marketplace they are being sold at, and which supplier they are coming from. When you link Spot N Center to Spot N Paste, you can then use it to retrieve your items faster and also use cashback sites […]