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Thanks for choosing Spot N Paste! We are here to help YOU be more successful and to help your business succeeded! All of our features are user originated and are designed to help drop shippers like you become more efficient and profitable, which is our passion! 

  • We offer universal programming of any website one of our signature features! Program suppliers in yourself and manage them under manage store data; you can also pull the last address copied if you accidently clear it.  See our article here: Programing Suppliers
  • We connect all your data into your Spot N Center account which is your central Hub of data for all your suppliers and email tracking for Spot N Track. Here you can manage your data and update addresses if needed.  Your login information will all be the same, check it out here:
  • We support same browser to browser support, you can open several chrome browsers copy in one and paste in the other, you simply need to sync your browser and presto!
  • Tired of constantly entering in your billing information? We will store your billing information, under our billing tab you can enter in your information, click and drag it to the appropriate fields and your done! Safe and secure and no more typing in the wrong numbers!
  • We are integrated into other dropshipping software such as SKU grid, AutoDS, OAGenius, and WebScrapper App, and many more!
  • Feel free to drop us and email at if you have any questions or concerns our support staff and developers are standing by to assist.

We are very excited to have you onboard and look forward to helping your business grow!  

Sincerely, Spot N Paste team

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