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What is Spot N Track and how to Install


What is Spot N Track?

Spot N Track is a chrome extension that will help upload order tracking, we currently offer tracking upload from all major deliver services.

The tracking number will be uploaded to your marketplace from USPS, UPS, and FedEx into your eBay store (currently only eBay but more marketplaces will be added).

This feature is extremely helpful as it saves time from having to copy and paste tracking or find/purchase tracking numbers that could cause disputes and lost revenue for your business. 


How Spot N Track works

The extension works together with your Spot N Center account where you will create a email to use in your orders. As your orders come into your newly created email inbox you will program them there. You will then use our extension to upload the tracking information into your Marketplace. 


Ready to install Spot N Track?! Install here:



Downloading Spot N Track extension on Chrome web browser


To install you may either go through our orders page here: or download it from the chrome web store: and search for the extension Spot N Track and click add to chrome. 



How to pin the extension to your favorites bar


One of the first things we recommend is clicking the ‘extensions’ button then pin your extension to your favorites bar for quicker access. 



You then will open the extension by clicking on the icon and enter your username and password that you choose during the initial installation process, generally your username and password will remain the same across all Spot N Paste platforms unless you choose to change them.  

NOTE: There’s not much to do in the extension at this point, follow the next steps to learn more!



Don’t miss this step!


Logging into your Spot N Center account

The next steps involves logging into your Spot N Center account and setting up your tracking email, see this article for that

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