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Spot N Paste started as more of a wish. The more orders we placed the more we wished we had a way to quickly copy over the the customer information so that we could focus our time on other things, like making more money.

We searched high and low for extensions, tools, even keyboard shortcuts but nothing was quite fast enough for what we needed. Not to mention they didn’t work with the suppliers we needed them too, nor could we use cashback sites.

That’s when we decided it was time to turn this wish into a reality. We set out and created what is now known as Spot N Paste!

Over the course of the year we have focused solely on helping other fellow drop shippers cut down the time they are needing to spend and increase the revenue they are bringing in.

Not to mention we wanted to make sure that even the dropshippers who are just starting out on this journey could use Spot N Paste, but making it more affordable then any other tool out there will be.

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