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Copying Product Details and Listing them in 1 Click

Spot n List – the ultimate time-saving tool for copy-pasting product details effortlessly! With our user-friendly Spot-n-list extension, you can easily copy product details from various sites and paste them with just one click.

Once you’re logged into the extension, a handy popup will guide you through the process. You can also access your Spot-n-center account using your Spot N List credentials, giving you even more flexibility and control.

Let’s demonstrate how it works with an example from Amazon. When you’re on a product detail page, simply click on the Copy button located on the upper left side of the product. This will instantly copy all the products details to both the extension and your Spot-n-center account for safekeeping.

The benefit of having Spot N Center is that even when you accidentally removed a product from your Spot N List extension, the product details are still stored in your Spot N Center account. Just open your Spot N Center account, find the product and click add to extension button at the low right hand side of your screen.

When you click your Spot N List extension, the product (phone cable) you copied should be added back to the extension.

Now, let’s say you want to list this phone cable product on eBay. Head over to the eBay listing page and open your extension popup. With a simple click on the Paste button, voila! The product details are instantly pasted onto eBay. You can follow a similar process for platforms like Facebook and Shopify. This will save you a lot of time in product research, you don’t need to go back and fourth copying and pasting the product details, in just one click all the product details are copied and stored to your account and in one click you can create a similar listing across your online stores.

Experience the convenience of copying product details from various sites including Walmart, Etsy, Banggood, and many others.

You can also set the percentage of the price and define the condition of the products, just click open the extension and click the cog wheel icon. Add your desired price increase in percentage and define the product condition and brand. Please notice that the supplier price for this Smart Bluetooth sunglasses is 15.97 GBP, since you set the increase price to 25% when you save this product the price will be automatically increased to 25%.

If your supplier website is not one of our supported sites, you can go to our Contact Us page and fill up the feature request form. When we get your request, we will add the supplier website that you requested.

Say goodbye to manual data entry and save valuable time with Spot n List’s seamless copy-pasting capabilities. Get started today and streamline your listing process like never before!

Watch our video tutorial about copying product details and listing them in 1 click:

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