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How to Copy Address from eBay, AutoDS, Shopify, and add directly to Amazon

Here we will discuss how the address can be copied in single or in bulk from eBay, AutoDS, Shopify, and directly to Amazon.

You can copy the addresses from your eBay order dashboard directly to Amazon account, and add the Amazon items to the cart.

To add addresses please select orders checkbox, and then click the Copy to Amazon button.

Items will be added to cart by the ASIN given in the custom SKU of the order, or if they are saved on spot-n-center by item retrieval button.

On the Amazon cart page, the gift option will automatically be checked by the extension.

On the checkout page, by clicking ship orders to multiple address button, the Fast Paste button will appear.

By clicking the fast paste button, the extension will match and auto select the shipping address from the dropdown options, with the respective quantity of the item.

Also, if you copy the address individually you can click select the last shipping address button, and avoid the hassle to search from the drop down options.

After selecting shipping address, in gift options setting, you set the gift message template. Now your order is ready to be placed.

A similar process can be done in the Auto DS dashboard, click open your extension and go to suppliers.

Make sure to login to your amazon account or add your login details in to the extension for the auto sign-in process.

In your Auto DS dashboard, select the orders by clicking the checkbox of the order, and then click the copy to amazon button.

If you added your Amazon login details earlier to the extension, the extension will first login to your account and then the addresses will be added.

The same process are followed, in Shopify dashboard.

I hope you learned how to copy addresses, please leave us a comment if you like this article. Thank you and happy dropshipping!

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