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How to Program and Paste Supplier Address to Any Site

Programming supplier

The benefit of saving the supplier address to your Spot N Paste extension is for you to save time and effort in filling out the same shipping address information. With just a few clicks you can easily paste your saved shipping address to any supplier page or vice versa.

With this powerful tool, you can easily paste addresses onto any site in just a few simple steps. Let’s dive right into it!

If you visit a new supplier site that hasn’t been programmed yet, and you try to paste the address, you encounter a popup message asking you to program the supplier. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open our extension.

2. Simply drag and drop each field to its corresponding place on the site.

Here are the fields you’ll need to fill out:

– Email

– First Name

– Last Name

– Street Address

– Address 2 (if applicable)

– City

– State

– Zip code

– Phone

Assuming you have three fields for the phone number (country code, area code, and number), follow a similar process for those fields as well.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to effortlessly paste addresses onto any site without any hassle or manual typing. Say goodbye to wasting time and hello to increased efficiency!

Try our programming supplier extension today and experience a smoother address pasting process like never before!

Check out our video tutorial:

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