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How Spot N Track Works

Here we will discuss about spot-n-track and how you can scan the tracking from your email and then apply the tracking number on your eBay order or view your tracking number on any of your order dashboard.

First, it is necessary to auto-forward your order email to your spot n track email account, once you have the emails coming you can scan the emails for tracking number and shipping address.

After the scan you can now view the tracking number and shipping addresses.

This is how to configure the incoming email for scanning the tracking numbers:

  1. Open the email, on right side you will see setting, it’s saying to select tracking first, use your mouse to click the tracking on mail, and confirm.
  2. Select shipping address, you can hold shipping to select multiple fields or copy it by line.
  3. Then click confirm.

After that you can scan the emails again.

You can also view the latest scanned tracking numbers on your extension popup as well, here tracking numbers are old so they are not visible on extension popup.

On your order dashboard, for example the eBay order dashboard. The extension will match the shipping address with order shipping address, if they both are matched then the Apply tracking button will be visible with tracking number in it.

Upon clicking the apply tracking button tracking number will be applied on the order.

If there are more then one tracking numbers matched, you can use apply tracking button in extension menu to apply it once.

On other order dashboards, you can similarly view the tracking numbers if the shipping addresses get matched.

I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comments below.

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