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Which plan should I choose?

Choosing a plan can be confusing. Especially when you are presented multiple options. Here is a break down of what we offer and the types of plans we have to go with the tools you choose.


Auto Ordering – Spot N Paste

Spot N Paste is our semi auto ordering system. This extension will help you to copy your buyers information into any supplier that you plan to use. We have tons of integrations that are built right into Spot N Paste, but we also allow you to program the supplier you are currently using that others do not support. This feature is what makes Spot N Paste the most valuable. You do not have to be tied down with the suppliers that your software says you can use. Now you can use any supplier you want. We also offer multiple other features like messaging to buyers, note attachments, and fast paste for Amazon items.

Product Listing – Spot N List

Spot N List is your fast lister that can work on Facebook marketplace. We support multiple different suppliers and are always adding more. We are also currently working on a universal feature just like what we have with Spot N Paste. Keep an eye on this because this Lister is offered at a fantastic price right now and if you sign up now, you’ll be locked into the price until you cancel!

Product Management – Spot N Center

Spot N Center is a free service that we offer to all of our users. If you have been using spreadsheets to keep track of all of your items, now you can do away with that, and use Spot N Center. We have created it with your spreadsheet in mind and added additional features that link into Spot N Paste and Spot N List. This will allow for faster listing and ordering of your products.

Types of Plans


After you choose the tools you want to use, you can choose how many users will need to use them in your company. We are multiple options for this.

  • Solo – 1 user
  • Team – 3 users
  • Agency – 6 users
  • Enterprise – 10 users


If you are looking to save money by paying for a longer period of time, you can do that! We offer 3 different durations for each of the plans and the longer they are, the more you save.

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

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