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Spot-n-paste lite is a handy extension that works with eBay and Amazon. Spot-n-paste lite allows you to copy buyer addresses from eBay order dashboard directly to your Amazon account and add order items to your cart. It also has some other useful features that we will discuss in this article.

Copy to Amazon Button

The Copy to Amazon button is for copying the customers address to Amazon. If you want to copy a single address, just click the copy to Amazon button at the right hand side of your product in your eBay order dashboard. If you want to copy bulk addresses just click the boxes at the left hand side of the items, scroll up and click Copy to Amazon from the Spot n Paste menu box. This will automatically copy the selected order addresses to Amazon in bulk.

Send Message Feature

Next the Send Message Feature, this button will allow you to send a message to your buyer. Spot-n-Paste lite has a feature that lets you save a template message that you can send to your buyer with a click of a button. To save a template message, click on the Edit message button and type in your message. Click save, to save the message you created. Then, click the Send message button for the message to be sent to your buyer.

Order Notes

Another feature that Spot-n-paste lite has is the ability to add notes to your order. You can use this feature to keep track of your order status, delivery date, or any other information you want to remember. To add a note, click on the Add note button and type in your note. You can also edit the note by clicking on the pencil icon.

Now, let me show you how Spot-n-paste lite works on the Amazon cart page. When you go to Amazon order cart page, you will notice that Spot-n-paste lite automatically checks the gift option for each item in your cart. This is because Spot-n-paste lite knows that you are dropshipping and you don’t want to reveal the price or invoice of the item to your buyer.

On the next page, where you have to choose the shipping address for each item, Spot-n-paste lite has another feature that makes your life easier. It is called Fast paste and it allows you to auto-select the buyer addresses from the dropdown menu. To use this feature, click on the Fast paste button and remember the addresses you have copied from eBay earlier? They will be added automatically for each item. Alternatively, if you have only one address copied, you can select the copied address from the dropdown menu, beside the quantity box.

Deleting the copied address is as easy as copying them, just go to your Amazon page. Click your Account and Lists at the upper right hand side of the screen and open your Addresses, you can delete all the copied address in one click or delete the copied address individually.

And that’s it! You have just learned how to use Spot-n-paste lite features, a powerful extension that works with eBay and Amazon.

If you want to see the features in action, watch the video demo here:

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