Choosing a plan can be confusing. Especially when you are presented multiple options. At Spot N Paste we offer two different software's and one of them allows for multiple users and at a discount when you choose to pay for a duration of time. Here is an explanation of the two software's we offer and their plans. 

Spot N Paste lite is our mini version of Spot N Paste. This version is perfect for sellers who only sell on eBay and use Amazon as their supplier. We offer all of the Amazon as a supplier features in this version. So if you are ONLY using ebay to sell on and Amazon as the supplier, this plan is for you! 

Our full version of Spot N Paste will give you all of the features that you are hoping for. Spot N Paste will work with any marketplace and with any supplier, as well as other awesome features that will help you get your orders placed fast. 

Types of plans.

The different types of plans for our full Spot N Paste are based on how many users you are planning to have use Spot N Paste. This is great for companies who have multiple employees who help with placing orders. Here is the break down of different plans. 

Solo: 1 user

Team: 3 users

Agency: 6 users

Enterprise: 10 users

Corporation: 50 users

Duration of plans

We offer a discount for those who choose to pay for a period of time. We offer three durations for the plans on our full version of Spot N Paste. 

Monthly: every month you will be charged on the same date

Quarterly: every 3 months

Yearly: every 12 months.