General Tab


The general tab is where you will set up your customize settings to how you want them to be for the extension.

Custom email and phone number.

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Browser to Browser

Toggling this box turns on the browser to browser feature. When it is selected, you are now syncing between your browsers, When you turn this off, you are not.

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 Walmart delete addresses

We had been made aware of issues when the Walmart address deleter is turned on, that is causing Walmart to load very slow. Because of that we added the ability to turn it off. When the box is selected, this feature is turned on other wise, it is turned off.

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Allowing Special Characters while Copying

Some users don't like having special characters copied into the extension because some suppliers reject them. Where as other users want them. So now we are giving you both. Select this box to Allow them, de-select it to not allow them.

Company Name

Sometimes your buyers will add a company name for shipping and you may want to paste that into your suppliers website. This is where the company name is stored. When you want to program your supplier to accept the company name, you will do the same thing as you do the rest of the address. Open this settings page and drag the information over to be pasted. We do not automatically add the company names to suppliers because many sellers prefer to not have it included. So it is optional for those who do want it included.

Light/Dark Theme

Toggle the sun and moon icon to switch between the light/dark theme.

Help Link in the Extension Setting

You can now access the help articles from each tab of the extension settings.